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Don’t let the area code fool you. Although Rick Hallock is from Pennsylvania, he lives in Boise, Idaho and is an active and enthusiastic resident. He will come to you to show you how you can make the most of a bill you will have to pay — electricity. If you have to pay it anyway, why not pay less and help save the planet along the way? As full-service electrical contractors, we can help you with your energy and electrical needs in many different ways. We offer full residential and commercial services for electrical and solar as well as offer a wide range of energy solutions including generators and energy efficiency products.

U.S. electricity prices have surged by an average of 57% in the last 10 years, with no end in sight. Lock in your monthly power cost by going solar now.

In 2021, the Solar Tax Credit was 26%. For most homeowners, that means a 26% discount on your solar system! Ask Rick about the 2022 discount, as well as state tax deductions. We love helping our clients save money! 

Whether we are installing solar panels on a customer’s roof or at one of our company events, we love to have fun! Check out some of our fun times below and don’t forget to visit the gallery for more!

What does “Done Right” Mean?

My slogan is: “Done Right.” While this phrase might be used by a lot of companies to mean a lot of things, at Rick Sells Solar, “Done Right” means three things: 1. We are Uniquely Experienced and;  2. Dedicated to Long-Term Reliability, and 3. Part of the Local Community. Some other solar companies pose as local providers. But they aren’t actually based in the Treasure Valley. RALOS employees local people like Rick Hallock to provide local services to people who live and work in and around the Boise area. We hope you’ll give us the chance to show you how we can provide you with solar “Done Right.”

Uniquely Experienced

Our team spent the majority of the past decade working with the largest, most experienced teams in the Solar Industry. We have worked to facilitate more solar installations nationwide than the total capacity of residential Solar installed in the State of Idaho. While Solar continues to grow exponentially around the country, our goal was always to come back home and put our years of experience to work serving the Treasure Valley. We love providing a world class Solar experience in our own backyard. Also, RALOS is a full-service Electrical Contractor, and our electricians have been working in Idaho for over 20-years. So whether its solar, EV chargers, batteries and back-up generators, or general electrical work, our team can do it all without the need for subcontractors. Rick Sells Solar for RALOS. So, contact Rick today for a no-obligation explanation of the ways that solar can lighten your utility bills while helping you Go Green. 

Long-Term Reliability

Let’s be honest: Solar Power is not a fly-by-night service. So, your Solar installer shouldn’t be, either. A properly monitored and maintained solar system will continue producing power for 30+ years. Unfortunately, the average lifespan of a solar installation company is only 2-5 years. RALOS has continued growing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and even picked up servicing many of the “orphaned accounts” left by other solar providers who either closed permanently or moved out of the Idaho market after the pandemic. What’s more, Rick Hallock of Rick Sells Solar has been in the Treasure Valley offering solar services all along. So, if anyone knows about solar in and around Boise, it’s Rick! 

As a full-service Electrical Contractor, we not only employ fully-staffed installation crews, but also staff full-time maintenance and troubleshooting technicians for monitoring and maintaining your system. Unlike many of our competitors, we only use materials and components with long-term, extendable warranties which will remain in effect with the home even if you decide to sell. Our warranties cover all materials and labor associated with maintaining the system for the life of the equipment, no matter how many times the home is sold or transferred. So whether it’s your dream home, or you plan to sell the home or transfer it to family member, a RALOS system will increase the value of your home for years to come.  

A Part of the Community

Boise is my home. And I am here to stay! And I’m not alone. The entire RALOS team is made up of Idaho natives as well as former law enforcement and military veterans. We also always work to give back to the local community by supporting charities and other small businesses. Our goal is to bring value to everyone we interact with, from our customers to our employees and our community. I strive to provide exceptional service and create long-lasting relationships at the same time. If you have any questions about the local charities or small businesses we support and/or partner with, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to chat with you about it.

Have Questions? I am Here to Help You!

RALOS is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider. And Rick Hallock of Rick Sells Solar is the representative who will help connect you with the solar system of your dreams. I can’t wait to meet with you one-on-one, so I can walk you through the myriad ways that solar can improve not only the value of your home but the quality of your life.